I have become a full-time Sublime Text 3 user. {{ Insert Fanboi Gushing }}

Until today, however, I had only used ST3 in my work Windows environment. Getting the ColdFusion package to correctly install on my Mac, however, proved to be a an exercise in ID10T errors, i.e., I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and tried to install the package within the Sublime Text.app directory structure itself. Wall...meet head.

Current CF users of Sublime undoubtedly know that the ColdFusion package is still in progress. Since it is FOSS, the package depends on the community to make updates in their free time. To keep the Sublime Text 2 package stable, work on the ST3 package is happening in a development branch.

Installation Process

To install the ColdFusion Sublime Text 3 package on a Mac, I used the following procedure:

  1. In a Terminal window, open the ST3 packages path:

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    1cd ~/Library/"Application Support"/"Sublime Text 3"/Packages

  2. Use git to clone the ColdFusion github repo:

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    1git clone https://github.com/SublimeText/ColdFusion
  3. Switch to the development branch:

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    1cd ColdFusion
    2git checkout development

  4. Switch to the September 17, 2013 build. The HEAD version has an issue that destabilizes the package. It may or may not actually load. If it does load, then you may have trouble closing a tag when you type a > character.

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    1git checkout fca7f71f6eda883fcaa0ba9297c2c194875a8ba7

  5. Restart Sublime Text and open a ColdFusion page or component to verify you have color coding.

Thank you to Brien Malone for pointing out the right revision to use!