I've decided to step outside my comfort zone and try out a new framework, CFWheels. CFWheels describes itself as "an open source CFML framework inspired by Ruby on Rails." It advocates conventions over configuration, which seems to be the latest craze to hit CF frameworks (see ColdBox and FW/1 for two others).

Since I'm going outside my comfort zone, I think CFWheels is a good framework to explore since it supports several unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable areas for me:

  • Convention over configuration - I am a long time Fusebox user
  • ORM - I proudly admit to being a control freak when it comes to the data layer
  • URL rewriting - More than just pretty URLs?

Creating a New CFWheels Site

According to the documentation, setting up a new CFWheels application is rather straightforward. Download CFWheels, extract the zip file to the web root, and voila, a new CFWheels site.

For my first site, it was indeed this easy. I created a directory, extracted the CFWheels files into it, and I was done (almost...).

The Default Route

I wanted the site to be under a directory named "reading" After creating such a directory and adding in the CFWheels skeleton, however, I immediately hit an error message. Not a ColdFusion-generated error, but a rather friendly CFWheels error message indicating that a view could not be found:

After poking around the documentation and code a bit, I realized that the default route for a fresh skeleton application was set to look for a file named wheels.cfm under views/wheels. The config/routes.cfm template has the following lines of code to set up the default action:

view plain print about
2    Here you can add routes to your application and edit the default one.
3    The default route is the one that will be called on your application's "home" page.

5<cfset addRoute(name="home", pattern="", controller="wheels", action="wheels")>

Translated, the addRoute() line tells CFWheels to look for a controller CFC named wheels in the controllers directory and a CFM template named wheels.cfm under a subdirectory named wheels in the views directory. (This conventions thing is rather handy.)

The error message I received pointed to a problem I introduced while setting up the site. I renamed the default "wheels" views directory to "reading," not realizing that I was breaking the default route.

The fix was simple, either restore the views/reading directory to views/wheels, or, and this is the option I chose, change the route to to point to the existing views/reading directory:

view plain print about
1<cfset addRoute(name="home", pattern="", controller="reading", action="wheels")>

Next Steps

So now that I have a happy CFWheels skeleton site, what next? The site I had in mind is a simple application to track what books I have read, so I need to take a step back and design the model and the screens, pardon me, views, that need to exist.

Once the basic design is set, I want to explore CRUD automation using CFWheel's ORM. I need to see if I can just let go and allow a framework to automate a good portion of the data layer.