I use a Mac for my personal work and a Windows XP machine for gaming and a few PC-only apps. I never thought twice about upgrading Windows to Vista, but I am certainly thinking about going to Windows 7.

So what brought about the change of heart? I set up a new computer for my mom last night, a HP slimline...wow, is it shiny and kind of cute, which came with Windows 7 Home Premium on it. My first experience actually driving Windows 7, and I came away really liking the changes and polish added to the OS.

The graphics are nice and shiny, looks like they took a page from Apple's design book, the speed is there, and the features and improvements really look like someone cared about this release of Windows. The improvements in searching alone are a big plus in the pro column on the go-and-get-a-copy list.

Many of the features I like about OS X, the speed, the graphics, Finder and Spotlight, are pretty much all there on Windows 7. Just one question: will it run Civilization IV? ;-)

Just maybe a trip to Micro Center is in order this weekend...