A new year is here and with it my list of resolutions for the coding year. Therefore, I resolve to:

  • Write a working program in Java that is not a simple textbook example. I'm talking something I can use in the real world.
  • Write an application using ColdBox. A new year, a new framework. ColdBox just looks interesting to work with. I have not written on an event-driven framework before (go Fusebox!) so ColdBox ought to be a good introduction.
  • Attend CFUnited. Okay, I admit I cheated on this one. I'm already registered, but since the conference is not until August, I'm writing it down as a goal.
  • Release an open source application written in ColdFusion. This is a tough one that I hope I'll find time to accomplish.

There they are, out in the wild, my coding resolutions for the year. I met (most) of my goals for 2008. I hope to keep that trend for 2009.