This was my third CFUnited and once again I found it was worth every penny to be there. I focused most of my attention on sessions in the frameworks and advanced CF tracks, but also managed to go to a few Flex-related sessions.


I recently started to use ColdSpring for its dependency-injection engine, so I attended Mark Drew's ColdSpring session on Wednesday and Chris Scott's ColdSpring 1337 session on Thursday. Both sessions gave me plenty to think about and explore. I need to find an application to experiment with the AOP capabilities of the framework.


I may soon get the chance to help design an internationalized application, so I attended Oguz Demirkapi's session on creating multi-lingual CF applications. I really learned a lot about the built-in localization abilities of CF and tips for truly working in Unicode.


The Flex-related sessions I went to really got me excited about using Flex for a project. Matt Woodward's Real World Flex and ColdFusion session made building a Flex front end for a CF app really look easy. Mike Nimer's session, Flex 3 for ColdFusion Developers, went into more technical details about integrating the latest Flex release with a CF backend. The key detail I took away from his talk was the 'properties in, events out' model of Flex. Thinking in events will take a bit getting used to.

Inside CF

The last session I attended, Elliott Sprehn's Internals of the Adobe ColdFusion Server, just blew my mind. Wow... I had to stop my notes and just let the information flow over me. He obviously is not satisfied with just accepting that things work, but wants to know the details of how. I left feeling a bit overwhelmed, but inspired to pay more attention to stack traces as well as a lot more curious about the underlying Java APIs that make up CF.