I do a lot of my personal development work on a notebook computer. Except for some graphic and publication design work a few jobs ago, I have always used a PC running Windows. However, I have (mostly) fond memories of using OS 9 and OS X, so I decided to take the plunge and replace my aging Sony Vaio, running Windows XP Pro, with a MacBook Pro running Leopard, OS 10.5.

The experience in the Apple Store in Tysons Corner was certainly not what I expected. Since it was midday on a Saturday, it was rather busy. Regardless, I was approached at least three times while I was checking out the Macbooks. My questions were answered, I checked out right at the display table, and walked out with a 2.4GHz MacBook Pro. Very relaxed, very easy.

Adding the notebook to my wireless network was a snap. Soon I was downloading and installing everything I need to develop on the Mac: Firefox, Eclipse, CFEclipse, etc. I hit a major snag with ColdFusion 8, which does not come with a connector for Apache 2. After much Googling and several installation attempts, I finally had success following along with Matthew Wallace's video guide. Thanks, Matthew, for a great resource.