Last night I had the opportunity to speak at the Maryland CFUG about working with zip files in ColdFusion. Since this was my first time speaking outside of the office environment, I admit I was a little apprehensive. I spent some time worrying about everything that could go wrong: getting stuck in traffic (not a problem, it was a federal holiday so traffic was light around the DC metro area), my presentation and code getting corrupted (MDCFUG asked for a copy of the presentation ahead of time), Connect not working (OK, there were some lag issues there, something about Macs and Adobe Connect, but nothing major for me).

When it came time for me to start, however, all of those worries were gone. The folks a TeraTech run a good meeting, even small CFUGs. The turn out was light, most likely due to the holiday, but I wasn't talking to an empty room. Thanks to everyone who came and asked questions. Overall, the experience was positive and I will be looking for opportunities to speak again.